Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

The strange world

Full of Double-faced people
If you watch their one side They are very sweet
But if you unveil the other You would be scared to face them
They are dreadful because they carry all the hypocrisy of the world with themselves
It is dreadful to face the strange world

People of the strange world can’t clap for your incredible back throughs
Their giggling is unstoppable in front of you.
But on your back, enduring your success in an un do-able task for them

Tell me how to see this world with a compassionate eye
Tell me how to carry the weight of the world with low people
Tell me how to conquer the world
Tell me how to erase the blunders of the world
I am walking like a stranger in this strange world.

I’m not from, where I live
Take me home where I belong
I don’t know
Why people are busy spoiling the lives of other
I don’t know
Why people are always trying to give lousy instructions
I don’t know
How to mix up with these people
I don’t know
How to face the ugliest side of people.

And the most agonist thing which I don’t know.
If they are ugly why do they pretend to be very sweet
Why they don’t show their selves the way they are
Why use artificial masks?
Why do they act like they are our biggest well-wishers
Why do they hide their true identity
Why do they blast the clouds of criticism on everybody
Why they are always doing bad things to people

There are a lot of whys in my mind.
But at last, I want to say that
Take me home where I belong
I’m not for this kind of people

By Romana

Hi everyone I'm Romana the creator of "Literaturebs.Online". I've always had a passion for stories, so I decided to build this space to share my love of literature with fellow bookworms like you. From classic novels to modern masterpieces, I hope to inspire and engage readers of all ages. Join me as we embark on a journey through the wonderful world of words!"

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