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BS English Literature 2024

BS English Literature 2024

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in English Literature is a comprehensive four-year degree program designed to provide students with a deep understanding of literary history, theory, and criticism. This program fosters an appreciation for a wide range of cultures and intellectual traditions through the study of literature’s major genres: poetry, drama, fiction, and creative nonfiction.

Students in this program develop strong analytical and critical thinking skills and exceptional written and verbal communication abilities. These skills are cultivated through extensive coursework that includes writing essays, participating in discussions, and engaging with various literary texts.

The program prepares graduates for diverse career opportunities in fields such as education, publishing, journalism, and more, while also laying a solid foundation for advanced studies in English literature or related disciplines.

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Course Structure

The BS English Literature program is structured to cover eight semesters over four years, each offering a mix of core and elective courses that progressively build on students’ knowledge and skills. Below is an overview of the course structure by semester:

1st Semester

CoursesCredit Hours
Teaching of Holy Quran and Translation-I1
Study Skills3
Islamic Studies2
Introduction to Information and Computer Technology3
English I (Reading and Writing Skills)3
Introduction to Linguistics3
Introduction to Literature3

2nd Semester

CoursesCredit Hours
Pakistan Studies2
Teaching of Holy Quran and Translation-II1
Advanced English Grammar3
Human Rights and Citizenship3
Phonetics and Phonology3
English II (Composition Writing)3
History of English Literature3

3rd Semester

CoursesCredit Hours
Teaching of Holy Quran with Translation III1
Classical and Renaissance Drama3
English III (Communication and Presentation Skills)3
Semantics and Pragmatics3
Classical Poetry3

4th Semester

CoursesCredit Hours
Teaching of Holy Quran and Translation-IV1
Mass Communication3
English IV (Academic Reading and Writing)3
English Language Teaching3
Rise of the Novel (18th to 19th Century)3

5th Semester

CoursesCredit Hours
Introduction to Environmental Studies3
Romantic and Victorian Poetry3
Modern Drama3
World Englishes3

6th Semester

CoursesCredit Hours
Forensic Linguistics3
Modern Poetry3
Modern Novel3
Research Methodology3
Critical Discourse Analysis3

7th Semester

CoursesCredit Hours
Literary Theory and Practice3
Language Testing and Assessment3
Postcolonial Studies3

8th Semester

CoursesCredit Hours
Research Project1
Corpus Linguistics3
World Literature3
Literary Criticism3
Financial Institutions and Services3

Fee Structure

University of Management and Technology (UMT)

Learning Investment990,000
Quarterly Fee61,875

Other Universities

Further Studies After BS English Literature

Master’s Programs

  • MS in English Linguistics
  • MS in English Language and Communication
  • MS in English
  • MS in Applied Linguistics

Doctoral Programs

  • MPhil in English (Applied Linguistics)
  • MPhil in English (Literature)
  • Ph.D. in English Linguistics
  • Ph.D. in English Literature

A Ph.D. in English Literature is the highest academic degree in the field, involving a written thesis, comprehensive exams, and practical experience.

Related Courses

Other related courses include:

  • BS in English Linguistics
  • BS in English Language and Communication
  • BS in Applied Linguistics


Pursuing a BS in English Literature offers students a rich education in literary traditions and prepares them for a wide array of careers in education, writing, and beyond. The program’s structure, diverse specializations, and extensive skill development make it a valuable and versatile degree for aspiring literature professionals.

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