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“A Tale from the Holocaust “

Bullets were being shot in the flesh of people with brutality. Blood was being shed like oceans. There were a lot of screams, sobs, sighs, shouts, and cries coming from everywhere. People were hungry and injured. Families were torn out. Every heart was broken. Every soul was shattered.

It was the time of the Holocaust when a child had been hidden under the table watching all these scenes with his eyes. He was crying with no voice. He was thirsty for two days and hungry for three.

He was dying not from fear and bloodshed but from hunger and thirst

Some officers came into the room and one shouted in German;

We are burning everything, you Jew I know you’re hidden in this room, come out or see to burn yourself in the room”

The boy heard and all the blood was drained from his body. He felt that somebody had snatched her soul without giving him a drop of water. He thought he would die today with all the people who were dying. All the people who were crushed by the tanks even they were died.

With all the people who are burned with carrying the burden of thousands of untold wishes and unfulfilled dreams

His series of thoughts were broken by the chilling smell of petrol. He was as thirsty as he was ready to suck the petrol from the floor but he remained like a statue.The room was burning like a hell. Too much suffocation was there. The boy was full of sweat the officers locked the room and were gone.

The boy thought he should go out of the room from the window. The fire was getting more and more disastrous. He found a hammer and broke the window. He jumped out and saw that no one was there. Germans had gone after burning all the buildings and gas Chambers. The boy was all alone there. He started walking toward the private room where Germans sat for the meeting. He found the bottle of water on the table. He was so happy that he was alive and had found water.

He was about to sip water and someone hit his head with a hammer. Blood went out like water from a shower which reddened the face of that German officer. When the boy fell, he crushed the boy’s head with his hard boots and went ahead.

The boy died thirsty.

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